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About me

Hello, my name is David Salguero García and I am from Granada, Spain.

Since I was very young I have been passionated about technology, learning to create websites with HTML and CSS when I was 12 years old. I am a Back-End Developer with knowledge in Java, Typescript, Node.JS and Ruby on Rails. I also have experience workng as Front-End with Angular, Javascript and React.

A few years ago I started learning about photography, trying to capture the essence of all the magical places I have been visiting.

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My work



After studying Multiplatform Development in IES Zaidin Vergeles (Granada) I have worked as Back-End Developer and Full-Stack Developer, having the chance to work with languages like Java and Typescript. I also worked with Spring Framework, Node.JS and Ruby on Rails.

  • Nazaries IT

    Company from Granada where I have worked as Full-Stack Developer in projects with Ruby on Rails and Node.JS. I also had the chance to work with languages like Typescript and React and tools like AWS.

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  • Guud TV

    Start-up that creates campaigns for different brands in social networks, working as Back-End Developer. For that we used Java and Apache Storm to communicate with different APIs from social networks.



  • Elca Informatique

    Swiss company with more than 50 years in the field where I worked as Full-Stack Developer. In this time, I improved my knowledge about Spring Framework, Java and Angular. Also, I had the chance to make different courses about Kotlin and TDD.

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  • Everis - NTT Data España

    Company where I worked as Back-End Developer in a project for Orange Spain renewing their digital platforms. In this project I had my first contacts with SCRUM and improved my knowledge in Java. Also, I had the chance to start working with technologies like Spring Framework or Angular.

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  • Weptun GmbH

    I did an internship in Weptun GmbH, a mobile application company from Munich (Germany) using Java for the development of different Android applications.




Since 2015 I have been exploring photography, entering recently in the world of stock photography and video.

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